<p><strong>Omidyar Network</strong> is a philanthropic investment firm. We create opportunity for people to improve their lives. We invest in market-based efforts that catalyze economic, social, and political change.</p> Learn What We Do

This Economist article, "The Omidyar Way of Giving", features Pierre's unique approach to philanthropy and Omidyar Network's evolution. READ MORE>


Spoken word artist, June Hardin, shares her story of renewed hope and dreams through the help of Kiva, who has provided over 1 million loans throughout the world.

Matt Bannick and Paula Goldman of Omidyar Network lay out the case for a sector based approach to impact investing in this six-part blog series.
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In this original report, Omidyar Network outlines the opportunities and challenges for Africa's entrepreneurial ecosystem and key recommendations for accelerating high-impact entrepreneurship across the continent.

In this video talented men and women talk about giving a year of service to cities across America by working with change agents inside local government. Through the Code for America Fellowship Program they help cities work better, citizens lend a hand, and governments innovate.
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Insightful read from @GSMAMMU on the state of the #mobilemoney industry https://t.co/3JI615NF1n #SOTIR15
@RachelSchneider 7 out of 10 consumers are willing to share personal data to improve loan opportunities https://t.co/HYhEq62puV #BDSCreport